How to play Ultimate Frisbee: Field Size, Rules and Discs

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Ultimate Frisbee. Sounds unique – and it really is. After all, the Ultimate Frisbee rules guarantee that this variant of the disc game is the most self-responsible sport in the world. But that’s not all: not only fair play is required here, but also brains, stamina and reaction speed. At the same time, there is …


How to throw a Frisbee: All Throwing and catching techniques

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A Frisbee as a plaything is already a good start. But of course, you’ll want to know, how to throw a frisbee. After all, it should not only travel well, but also be caught smoothly, right? What you learn in this article: How the most common throws work in Frisbee, whicg mistakes you can easily …


Aerobie Frisbee Disc: how to throw aerobie ring

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With the Aerobie Frisbee, the name says it all. When you throw it, you will probably be reminded of a Frisbee in terms of its flight characteristics. However, if you hold the most famous type – the Flying Ring – in your hands, you will probably first notice that it is a Frisbee with a …


DDC Frisbee: Double Disc Court Game Rules & Dimensions

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Double Disc Court, also known as DDC Frisbee, is a disc team sport that relies on communication, good timing and technical skills. An entertaining game that is rightly gaining more and more fans and becoming more and more popular. Reason enough to join us on the court and take a closer look at the accessories …


Best Mini Frisbee Disc: Throwing Small Frisbee over 60 metre

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When you think of Frisbees, you primarily mean the plate-sized plastic discs that can be used to play wonderful games of throwing and skill. However, these Frisbees are also available in mini format. These mini discs are available in numerous designs. It is a new trend sport that is a lot of fun and enjoyable. In the following, I would like to help you find such a Mini Pocket Frisbee.


Kan Jam Rules Official, Scoring and Distance: How to Play

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Throwing a Frisbee from left to right? We all know this variant. But mastering a course with specially designed discs like in disc golf? Probably not that many people any more. And playing with a disc on a barrel (‘Kan’) and throwing or hitting the disc into the barrel (‘Jam’) to score? That’s where it …


Freestyle Frisbee Tricks & Basics: Best Freestyle Disc

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You want to try out some freestyle Frisbee tricks on the spur of the moment? Not a bad idea! Because apart from the right disc, all you really need is yourself, a few square feet of space and maybe a bit of nice company. And then it’s a case of “practice, practice, practice”. With the …


Disc Golf Rules: Best Types of Discs for Beginners and Baskets

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Disc golf and the associated disc golf rules originated in America in the 1970s and have evolved ever since. Today, there are about 500,000 enthusiastic disc golfers around the world who are regularly out and about playing their favourite sport on official courses or in the open air. Disc golf is very similar to the …