Best Mini Frisbee Disc: Throwing Small Frisbee over 60 metre

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When you think of Frisbees, you primarily mean the plate-sized plastic discs that can be used to play wonderful games of throwing and skill. However, these Frisbees are also available in mini format. These mini discs are available in numerous designs. It is a new trend sport that is a lot of fun and enjoyable. In the following, I would like to help you find such a Mini Pocket Frisbee.

How far do the Mini Frisbees fly?

Even though these mini discs usually only have a maximum diameter of 2,5 inches, they can fly amazingly far. This is made possible by the typical Frisbee shape with the downward-facing edge, which acts like an air cushion. You can easily reach distances of up to 200 feet.

Throwing the Mini Frisbee correctly

A Mini Frisbee disc is perfect for the garden, outdoor pool, park or beach. These small mini discs can be hurled through the air in a similar way to the large Frisbees and are caught and thrown back by the playing partner. You hold this Frisbee Puck with your thumb and index finger on the edge of the disc, which forms a circumferential groove. Then you release the Mini Frisbee disc horizontally with momentum from your arm and wrist. This way of flying is also called zipping. The playing partner can catch the Mini Pocket Frisbee either with one hand or both.

What material is a Mini Frisbee made of?

Traditional Frisbees are made of hard plastic, which is not deformable. This ensures an optimal trajectory. A Mini Frisbee disc, on the other hand, is made of soft silicone or rubber. You can recognise this by the fact that you can easily bend this Frisbee puck together with your fingers. The manufacturer’s label is usually still visible on the outside. These soft and flexible mini discs are available in many attractive colours. There are even neon-coloured models. Interestingly, you can also find models that glow at night.

Size & weight

Most Mini Pocket Frisbees are compact enough to fit in your pocket. This means you can take these discs with you wherever you go. The diameter is usually fixed at 2,4 to 2,5 inches. Each disc is only a few inches high. You don’t have to carry much in terms of weight either. These Mini Frisbee Discs only weigh between 0,7 and 0,9 oz..

Can a Mini Frisbee float?

Many people ask themselves whether a Mini Pocket Frisbee can swim. Understandably, many would like to use these pucks at the beach. Most of these mini discs can also be used in the water without any problems. They don’t sink and thanks to the bright colours you can find them on the water surface relatively quickly.

Throwing a Gravity Disc Mini Frisbee (65 Meters) Like a Pro!

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In the following, I would like to introduce you to three interesting mini discs. Perhaps there is a version here that will also arouse your interest.

ZipChip the Original Mini Frisbee

The ZIPdisk* model comes from the USA and is also sold under the name ZIPChip. This is a so-called flying disk, which is also called the original in this country.

What special features does the ZipChip offer?

The ZipChip has become known in this country primarily from Facebook and Instagram. You can play Frisbee with it almost everywhere. These discs come in yellow, orange and blue. With a little skill and depending on the skill, you can cover up to 200 feet. The ZIPdisk or ZIPChip weighs 0,8 oz.. This model is made of soft silicone. The advantage is that you can’t cause any injuries or damage with it. Even if you throw it with force, the window pane will still remain intact. The ZipChip is completely safe for children. However, small children should not play with it because of the danger of swallowing.

ZipChip Original
ZipChip Original*
  • Im Taschenformat und auf Leistung getrimmt
  • Flexibles Elastomer-Material
  • Durchmesser: 6,5 cm
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Our conclusion

We liked the ZipChip very much. The focus is on the fun of playing. We particularly like the long throwing range. Unfortunately, these discs can quickly fly onto the next roof. You have to be careful with long throws. Depending on the throwing technique, the disc can quickly tip to the side. It takes a little time to get used to the small disc. Only then will you reach the range of 200 feet with a little practice. Start with throws over shorter distances – until you have the necessary confidence. If you want to play Mini-Frisbee and go for the original, there’s no getting around the ZipChip. This model is one of the new trend sports of 2019 and comes directly from the USA. With a flight range of 200 feet, you have a lot of potential here and can perform interesting flying tricks with it.


  • Diameter: 2,45 inches
  • Weight: 0,81 oz.
  • Colours: Blue, yellow and orange
  • Material: soft silicone
  • Range: 200 feet

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The Dreheumel is a mini frisbee disc that fits perfectly in your pocket. This model is made in Germany. You can get this model in numerous colours.

What are the special features of the Dreheumel?

The Dreheumel is available in pink, yellow and orange. It fits not only in your trouser pocket, but also very well in the palm of your hand. The diameter is 2,4 inches. At the same time, the disc, which is made of plastic, weighs only 0,88 oz.. Compared to the other brands, the Dreheumel is not quite as flexible. Nevertheless, it achieves an excellent trajectory and also has a range of 200 feet.

Tutorial Dreheumel

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Our conclusion

We also really like the Dreheumel. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the disc can be taken anywhere. We also found the high quality of workmanship positive. With cheap Chinese products, the disc is often not manufactured evenly. This results in poor flight behaviour. This is different with this Mini Frisbee. It is the ideal toy for in between. It also takes a bit of practice to get the hang of spinning. Not everyone can handle a Frisbee disc straight away. Visually, the Dreheumel looks very similar to the ZIPdisk. This model also has a flying range of 200 feet. However, this plastic puck is a little harder than the silicone ZIPdisk.


  • Diameter: 2,4 inches
  • Weight: 0,88 oz.
  • Colours: Pink, yellow and orange
  • Material: plastic
  • Range: 200 feet

FitnessFire Mini Frisbee

If you have a lot of fun with these mini Frisbees, you should buy a set of three right away. This way, everyone in the family or circle of friends can benefit from this fun game. The FitnessFire Mini Frisbees are also available in several colours.

What are the special features of the set of three?

You get three single-coloured Mini Frisbees in this set. You can choose between the colours neon yellow, green and orange. This way, you always have a spare disc at hand and don’t have to run after it as often if you don’t catch it. These Frisbee discs also have a flight range of 130 feet. Interestingly, with this set you can also play in a group with several discs at the same time. This increases the fun enormously. The set comes from a young German start-up. The three discs have a diameter of 2,4 inches and are only 0,47 inches thick. Similar to the Dreheumel, each disc in this set weighs 0,88 oz..

Our conclusion

We liked the set of three better than, for example, the Dreheumel. Again, the focus is on the fun of playing with its compact dimensions. The three mini-discs are softer than the Dreheumel and can be thrown and caught easily. However, with a little practice, they only reach a maximum of 130 feet in practice. The three Mini Frisbee discs are an interesting alternative to the single discs. Here you can play frisbee with family or friends at the same time.


  • Diameter: 2,4 inches
  • Weight: 0,88 oz.
  • Colours: Green, yellow and orange
  • Material: plastic
  • Range: 130 feet

Mini Frisbee Trick Shots


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