The best disc golf fairway drivers: Top 10 for beginners and pros

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Disc golf is an up-and-coming sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Choosing the right fairway driver plays a decisive role in success on the course. But what are the characteristics of a good fairway driver and what should you look out for when choosing one? In this article, we will look at the flight characteristics of disc golf fairway drivers and show you what you should look out for when choosing the right disc to improve your game. In particular, we will focus on the different degrees of stability of fairway drivers and their influence on the trajectory.

Fairway driver features & flight characteristics

The fairway driver is a medium distance disc that is often underestimated, but is the most important driver in disc golf. With a fairway driver, if the technique is right, you can throw between 80 and 100 meters and still have good control. Compared to putters and mid-range discs, fairway drivers have a lower profile and are more aerodynamic, allowing them to reach and maintain higher speeds. With a flat shape, they are suitable for long throws and glide stably through the air. Discs with speed 11 and above are designed for players with maximum advanced playing experience and technique, as otherwise they often fly uncontrollably. Disc golf fairway drivers often contain terms such as speed, glide, turn, fade, hyzer, anhyzer, overstable, stable and understable. Don’t know what they mean? Then read our disc golf guide in advance.

The 10 best disc golf fairway drivers

1. Innova Archangel

The Innova Archangel is a fairway driver for beginners, which only tilts slightly due to its “understable” flight characteristics and therefore enables maximum distances. The disc can also be used as a roller and is particularly suitable for wet conditions. The DX plastic offers an excellent grip and a wide range of models and weights. The Archangel has a diameter of 21.1 cm, a maximum weight capacity of 175 g and a height of 1.6 cm. The rim thickness is 1.9 cm and the grid depth is 1.5 cm. The disc is particularly suitable for medium power players who like to throw with hyzer. The Archangel is a long gliding disc and is also easy to handle as a rolling disc.

  • Speed: 8 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -4 | Fade: 1

2. Prodigy Disc 400 Series F7

The Prodigy Disc F7 is a medium-fast fairway driver with good glide. This disc golf driver is particularly suitable for recreational players and beginners. It is also ideal for turnover shots and rollers. Made from the high quality 400 Plastic material blend, the F7 is extremely durable and offers magnificent grip, even in wet conditions. As the most unstable driver in the F-series, the F7 enables precise medium-length right turns. It can also be used for roll shots if the right angle and power are applied. In summary, the Prodigy Disc F7 is a versatile fairway driver that offers good control and flight pattern options to players of different experience levels.

  • Speed: 7 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -3 | Fade: 1

3. Dynamic Discs Evader

The Dynamic Discs Evader is a fairway driver with controllable speed and a high glide value that enables good distance. The disc flies stable over distance and holds its line, even against the wind. With its 7 speed, the Evader is the perfect choice to close the gap between midranges and faster fairway drivers. Made from robust Lucid plastic, the Evader is durable and retains its flight characteristics for a long time. With its consistent fade and versatility, the Evader is a workhorse that should find a place in every disc golf bag.

  • Speed: 7 | Glide: 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2.5

4. Discmania Geo Essence

The Discmania Geo Essence is a medium to slightly understable fairway driver with plenty of glide. It is perfect for shots where a straight trajectory is required, but a mid-range is no longer sufficient. The Essence maintains the trajectory for a very long time and is suitable for players at different levels. The cost-effective geo-plastic makes the disc relatively stiff but grippy, with a velvety feel. It is available in weights from 167 g – 172 g.

  • Speed: 8 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 1

5. Discmania Active Premium Magician

The Discmania Active Premium Magician is a reliable and stable fairway driver designed for all players. With minimal spin, the disc flies straight and finishes with a reliable fade. The stability also allows for a great forehand throw. The premium Active plastic is more durable than the baseline counterpart and offers a grippy, glossy appearance.

  • Speed: 6 | Glide: 4 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2

6. Discmania FD

The Discmania FD is a fairway driver known for its extremely straight trajectory, high glide and controllability. The disc is suitable for players of all experience levels and is particularly versatile. The C-Line version is more overstable and can still maintain a straight trajectory. It is a great foundation for any disc golf bag and good for straight fairway drives, anhyzers and rollers.

  • Speed: 7 | Glide: 6 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 1

7. Latitude 64 Diamond

The Latitude 64 Diamond is a fairway driver that is particularly suitable for beginners, children and players with slower arm speed. It is easy to throw and control and has an understable trajectory with good glide and a slight fade. The disc has a diameter of 21.1 cm and a maximum weight of 175.1 grams.

  • Speed: 8 | Glide: 6 | Turn: -3 | Fade: 1

8. MVP Disc Sports Terra

The MVP Terra is a reliable fairway driver that offers super-stable control and accuracy. Made from high-quality NEUTRON plastic, the Terra is durable and has an exceptional look and feel. The disc is PDGA approved and was designed in collaboration with James Conrad. The Terra is the next disc in the James Conrad line and offers reliability and control during play.

  • Speed: 8 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 3

9. Axiom Crave

The Axiom Crave is a reliable and stable fairway driver disc with a speed of 6.5, a glide of 5, a turn of -1 and a fade of 1. It is available in various synthetic materials such as Cosmic Neutron, Fission, Neutron, Plasma and Proton. The Crave is precise and straight, comparable to an MVP Servo. It maintains its trajectory and enables long hyzer, anhyzer and straight throws. The Cosmic Neutron plastic offers bright colors and durability, while the Fission plastic allows for lighter targets and the Neutron plastic provides a premium feel. The Axiom Crave is ideal for players with slower throwing speeds looking for a fast and durable disc.

  • Speed: 6.5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 1

10. Prodigy Disc F3 400 Plastic

The Prodigy Disc F3 is a stable fairway driver that enables long and controlled flights with a mild finish. Made from high-quality 400 plastic, the disc is extremely durable and offers impeccable grip, even in wet conditions. The diameter is 21.3 cm, the height is 1.5 cm and the depth of the rim is 1.1 cm. The minimum weight is 165 g and the maximum weight is 176 g.

  • Speed: 7 | Glide: 5 | Turn: -1 | Fade: 2

Now you’ve bought quite a few disc golf fairway drivers. Where do you live with them? It’s best to put them in the matching disc golf backpack or in a special disc golf bag.

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