The 5 best frisbees for Ultimate or as a leisure activity

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Frisbees are not only a popular toy for the beach or the park, but also the basis of the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. It involves more than just throwing and catching a disc – it requires skill, stamina and strategy. Whether as a recreational activity or in competition, choosing the right frisbee is crucial. In this article, we present some of the best frisbees for ultimate and recreational activities. Have fun.

The 5 best frisbees for Ultimate

1. Discraft Ultrastar

The Discraft Ultrastar is the official tournament disc for ultimate sports and has established itself as the global gold standard. It is made of robust and durable plastic and offers a perfect balance between control and stability. With a diameter of 27.5 cm and a weight of 175 g, it is perfectly balanced and offers a precise trajectory. As the official Ultimate Frisbee disc of USA Ultimate, it is one of the most highly regarded discs on the market. It is a real all-rounder that is equally suitable for competitions and leisure activities. It impresses with its high resilience and outstanding performance.

2. Wham-O Frisbee Ultimate

The Wham-O Frisbee Ultimate is a robust competition disc with excellent flight characteristics that can be used in all wind conditions. With a diameter of 27 cm and a weight of 175 g, it is the official throwing disc for the team sport Ultimate Frisbee. The grippy, optimized surface enables a precise flight and also makes it perfect for playing in the park, green areas or in the garden as training for eye-hand coordination.

3. Discraft Ultrastar Nightglow

The Discraft Ultrastar Nightglow is the ideal frisbee disc for anyone who wants to play in the dark. The disc is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for professional Ultimate Frisbee sports and recreational games. With a weight of 175 g, it has the perfect weight for optimal flight behavior. The Nightglow disc is officially approved by the Ultimate Players Association (UPA) and can be used for competitions and tournaments. The disc is also great fun in the dark and can glow for 10–15 minutes when briefly charged in a UV light source.

4. Discraft Ultrastar Chameleon UV

The Discraft Ultrastar Chameleon UV is the perfect frisbee for all Ultimate Frisbee fans and those who want to become one. With its unique color change, when exposed to UV or sunlight, it is not only super cool, but also extremely durable and resistant. The official approval by the Ultimate Players Association (UPA) also makes it suitable for competitions and tournaments. With a weight of 175 g, it also has the perfect weight for optimum flight behavior.

5. Sun Bum Ultimate Disc Beach Flyer

The Sun Bum Ultimate Disc Beach Flyer is the perfect disc for a serious game of Ultimate or just for throwing on the beach. With a weight of 175 grams and the standard size for Ultimate Frisbee, it offers hours of fun and the best flight characteristics. Made in the USA, the Beach Flyer is the best choice for summer.

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