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Disc golf has become increasingly popular in recent years and has developed into an established sport. Not only is the game a great way to exercise and relax outdoors, but it also offers a unique challenge for players of all ages and abilities. However, to fully enjoy the game, the right accessories are essential. From bags and baskets to towels, scorebooks, socks and other accessories, there are a variety of products designed specifically for disc golfers. In this article, we’ll outline the most useful disc golf accessories that will help you take your game to the next level.

8 Disc golf accessories recommendations

1. Disc Golf Gloves

The Friction Gloves provide ultimate grip and support for your disc golf game. Whatever the weather, this all-round glove provides extra rotation and improved accuracy, speed and control. With their lightweight material and breathable fabric on the back of the hand, they offer comfort during play. The extra grip on the middle and ring fingers and the synthetic leather increase durability and make throwing the disc easier. The glove is ergonomically designed with no frills. Perfect for professional disc golf players and anyone who wants to improve their game.

2. Disc claw to save discs

The Hive Disc – Disc Claw is an innovative disc receiver that helps you to rescue your disc from danger zones quickly and easily. The robust metal construction and special gripping technology make it possible to pick up and secure discs from different angles. The Disc Claw can be easily folded into a compact unit and stored in your disc golf bag. The long cord is equipped with a safety ring to prevent accidental loss in the water. If you want to retrieve your disc more often, the Disc Claw is the perfect addition to your disc golf accessories.

3. Smart Coach Pocket Radar

The Smart Coach Pocket Radar is the best sports radar device on the market. It can be placed behind a safety net or held at an angle behind the thrower to measure the speed of a throw. With the app, the radar can be used in different modes, and in combination with a device with a camera, videos can be automatically created with the speed. The device is powered by 2 AAA batteries or a power bank.

4. Disc Golf Rangefinder

The Bushnell Sport 850 uses advanced laser technology for accurate distance measurements up to 274 meters. With Z-Mode technology, it measures elevation and provides updates 4x per second in scan mode. A one-button design makes it easy to use, while its ergonomic and water-resistant construction ensures durability. A special mode takes into account the flight characteristics of disc golf targets. This tool enhances in-game performance, ideal for all disc golf enthusiasts.

5. Disc golf caddy

The Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart is a user-friendly and stable disc golf cart with four maintenance-free wheels that is easy to navigate on different terrains. Its simple opening and folding mechanism makes it quickly ready for use and enables compact storage. Thanks to its lightweight construction, TOP-LOK technology for the secure attachment of disc golf bags and additional storage space for playing accessories, the cart offers comfort and practicality on the disc golf course. With its compact size, light weight and integrated scorecard console with cup holder, it is an ideal choice for golfers who value efficiency and organization.

6. Disc Golf Towel

The Bang Me Disc Golf Towel is made of microfiber and features personalized embroidery. It is light and soft, quick-drying and odor-resistant. With a size of 38 cm x 66 cm, it is ideal for cleaning disc golf discs . The towel has a clip and is perfect as a gift for disc golf enthusiasts or as an addition to your own disc golf equipment.

7. Disc Golf Score Book

The Disc Golf Score Sheet Book is a professionally designed pocket book with 100 disc golf score sheets inside. Each sheet includes a separate page for name, phone and e-mail and is ideal for keeping track of disc golf games. With its handy 6″ x 9″ size and beautiful white paper, it is perfect for everyday use and easy to carry. The Score Sheet Book also makes an ideal gift for friends, family members or disc golf teammates and is made with love in the USA.

8. Disc Golf Socks

The Disc Golf socks are the perfect gift for disc golfers. The material is soft, lightweight and comfortable and can be machine washed. With a unique disc golf course design around the sock, they are colorfast and ideal for wearing on the course. The socks are suitable for men’s shoe sizes 6 to 13 and can be worn on the course, at leisure or as fun dress socks.

Disc golf backpacks and disc golf bags are also useful. This keeps things tidy and makes playing on the disc golf course easier.

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